Amber Cave

This is Day 28 of “31 Days of Whimsical Encounters” – part of the #write31days challenge. To read all the posts in order, please visit the overview page.

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Jesus and I were in a cave. But it wasn’t a cave of stone, it was a cave of jewel. We were climbing over rocks and stalagmites of amber jewel. We were moving along pretty quickly. Climbing in the amber. We went on for a long time and then the stone changed… now we were climbing through a ruby cave. We went along for a while, not saying much, just climbing through and over the jewel rocks. Again the stone changed, and it was diamond. Finally we arrived in a wide, open space of the cave. This part was like a normal cave of stone but the whole ‘room’ was filled with gold treasure. Piles and piles of gold. So much gold coins and treasure that we sat down in the midst of it for a drink. We had climbed and crawled through the cave so far and so quickly that we were a bit worn out.

I asked the Lord about the meaning of this experience. I don’t have a clear revelation but a few things He showed me. The sense I had while in the cave was one of mystery and mysticism. Not fear but unknowingness. When I googled ‘amber’, (because we were in the amber halls of the cave the longest) I found that amber can represent the presence of God. I felt that the long traveling through and over the amber represented getting saturated with His presence. It’s like each segment of the cave ‘marked’ me. I didn’t have to pick up any stones or gold and carry them, they rubbed off on me so my skin actually glowed with the substance of that stone. The most prevalent was the presence of God. Even in the room of gold, I knew I wasn’t going to take any of the treasure with me, away from this place, but that it also marked me and became part of who I was.

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