Adoration and Devotion

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We were laying in a field of flowers. Jesus and I. We both had a glass of wine (or grape juice if you will…). Where there are flowers and fruity drinks, there are bees. And there were bees – but they weren’t like earthly bees that you fear or swat away. They didn’t pester us. They were just around. Also there were hummingbirds fluttering around.

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When I’ve spent time with Jesus, usually conversation is light-hearted with lots of belly laughs. Today seemed to be more sacred and intimate. We entered a tender moment and I knew that someone was about to say something – something solemn and sweet. If it was supposed to be me, I wasn’t sure what it was. We sat in silence for a few minutes. It was Him. ” I adore you,” He said to me. It took me off guard because those were words usually sung to Him. We sat a minute while I let the impact of those words… spoken by Him… to me… sink in. Then He told me, “I’m devoted to you.” HE is devoted to ME. Definitely a tender and cherished moment.

Adore: to like or admire very much

Devoted: zealous or ardent in attachment, loyalty, or affection

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