Sacrificing on My Altar

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I saw a bed, with smoke rising up from it. No, it wasn’t a bed. It was an altar. And we – Jesus and I – were in the Throne Room, before the Father. We were standing before this altar. It was my altar. And actually there were rows and rows of altars. But it really didn’t matter what was happening at the others, we were here in front of mine. I could see piles of gifts on my altar. Many were wrapped like presents but others were just things thrown on my altar. I asked Jesus questions, He answered them.

This was the altar where I have been throwing my sacrifices to the Father. I receive things, gifts, and then the idea is to throw them back onto the altar before the Father. The amazing thing was that the gifts on the altar actually rose and disappeared in the smoke but a while later another gift would appear and rain down onto me out of the smoke. It was like a cycle; give what I had to the Lord, He takes it and then rains more down on me. I thought of the verse* that says, “To him who has, more will be given,” a verse that up until recently has always confused me. But lately I have been getting more revelation into what it means.

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I noticed that around the other altars people had gifts, some put the gifts up on the altar and the cycle of receiving would go into play. But others would just hold their gift, not willing to part with it. Ironically, the gift would disappear or ‘melt’ within their hands. They lost it anyway. In this place, you cannot hold onto things too long before you lose them. “To those who do not have, even what they do have will be taken away.”*

We stayed and watched this cycle take place for awhile. Then Jesus took my hand and said that the process would go on, I didn’t have to be standing at my altar to engage in the process. I wasn’t exactly sure how it worked but heavenly realms are different than what we know on earth. And so we ran to an ocean. On the ocean was a merry-go-round-like ride. I jumped on and Jesus spun me. I was spinning on top of the water, laughing and having fun with Jesus. 

*Matthew 13:12

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