A Coke by the Fence

This is Day 16 of “31 Days of Whimsical Encounters” – part of the #write31days challenge. To read all the posts in order, please visit the overview page.

I’m at a fence again. Not a picket fence and not in my yard. This time it’s out in the country, a rickety wooden fence separating a pasture from a dirt road. I’m standing there with Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit. All of us, standing there in the pasture, leaning on the fence, looking out at the road. Then someone walks by, we wave, chat a minute and then we hand them a Coca-Cola as they leave. Another person walks by a bit later, and then another. Sometimes the conversation is short, sometimes the person stays a while and even greets others with us, but always we give them a can of Coke as they leave. Some people run by, no time for a chat but we run a Coke out to them just the same. For hours, we continue our mission, making sure that everyone that passes by receives a can of Coke.

*photo from pixabay.com*


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