Dancing to Bring Life

This is Day 11 of “31 Days of Whimsical Encounters” – part of the #write31days challenge. To read all the posts in order, please visit the overview page.

Jesus and I were walking in a forest. Or what were the remains of one. Every where I looked, everything was dead. Dead trees, dead leaves everywhere. Not one thing had any touch of green left on it. The place looked like a fire or plague had swept through and destroyed it all. Brown, dark, desolate. I was so sad that here Jesus was walking through this place – but there was no life. I asked Him, “Can this place come alive?” He looked at me like I should answer my own question. I don’t know if He told me too or just His look spoke to me. Whatever happened in those moments, in the next I found myself speaking to the nearest dead, slender trunk, “Come alive. Come alive”. Slowly, slowly life returned as I coaxed it with my words. It was as if a movie in real time – maybe eternity – was put into slow motion, as the tree began to come alive and grow leaves and turn green.

**photo from pixabay.com**

I moved onto the next dead trunk. This time He told me to put my hand on the tree as I spoke. Life came a little quicker. He was teaching me how to bring life to dead things. As we crunched on the dead leaves moving to the next lifeless tree, I felt like I should dance my way over. I half-skipped along, the leaves beneath me began to green up, coming alive. Before I even touched the next tree, life began to come. My dancing was emanating life.

What began as a half-hearted skip dance became an extravagant full-motion dance as I moved along. Life was springing up all around me. All of the sudden, I was wearing professional dance wear…. a leotard and flowing skirt, effortlessly gliding through the forest. But as I looked again, I was a young child, innocently dancing along. Childlike but proficient in my life-bringing dance. 

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