Resting on the Selah

This is Day 8 of “31 Days of Whimsical Encounters” – part of the #write31days challenge. To read all the posts in order, please visit the overview page.

log raft china

I found myself on a raft with the Lord – a raft made of logs tied together – very rugged and a bit antique looking. We were floating down a river, this time on gentle waters. I was curious if the waters would stay calm and gentle or if we were heading towards some sort of wild ride of rapids and falls. I wouldn’t have been disappointed for a wild ride. As long as I was on the raft with Him, I was ready for an adventure. He knew my thoughts and said, “We’re going to stay on the lazy river for a while.” I was ok with that too. I felt like I needed ‘lazy’ and evidently I did, since He knows best.

As we laid there, side by side, just floating away, I looked over and realized it was Holy Spirit with me. Usually my adventures were led by Jesus – my friend and brother. Today, Holy Spirit, my Comforter and Nurturer was sharing this experience with me. Then I noticed there was a name etched into the side of one of the logs of the raft… Selah. Yes, it was time for a pause. Floating down the lazy river on the Selah.

Selah: pause and think of that

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