31 Days of Whimsical Encounters

I’ve been visiting this whimsical, yet sacred place, for over 3 years now. Call it heaven, call it a dreamland, call it what you will – it’s a place of refreshing, centering, rejuvenation, learning. For the next 31 days, I will share pieces of my whimsical encounters. It’s my heart that you would be stirred to visit this place. To let your spirit take a journey into the unseen world. To let your inner dreamer awaken to a world of whimsy, to live a little outside the box of this planet earth. Some of my encounters have been very personal, I will be vulnerable and share some of those. Some are more general and may be easy for you to put yourself in my shoes. In my story. Welcome, dear reader, to 31 days of whimsical encounters….





Each day’s link will be added as written on this 31 day journey.

Day 1: The Gift & the Path

Day 2: The Gift & the Path (Part 2)

Day 3: The Battleship

Day 4: A Path in the Forest

Day 5: Moving Home

Day 6: Funnel Cakes on the Beach

Day 7: The Rescue Mission

Day 8: Resting on the Selah

Day 9: Trusting in the Unknown

Day 10: Anchored at the Shore

Day 11: Dancing to Bring Life

Day 12: A Bubble of Peace

Day 13: Pursing Him

Day 14: On a Farm

Day 15: The White Picket Fence

Day 16: A Coke by the Fence

Day 17: The Reality of Fairytale Land

Day 18: Skiing in the Clouds

Day 19: Freedom at the Cross

Day 20: Protection

Day 21: Revelation Like Popcorn

Day 22: Sacrificing on My Altar

Day 23: Anchored in the Vine

Day 24: Maze of Mirrors

Day 25: Scrabble and Cheesecake

Day 26: Adoration and Devotion

Day 27: Dead Ends

Day 28: Amber Cave

Day 29: At the Fair

Day 30: Who He Is

Day 31: He Opened the Door


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