You’re Way Too Awesome to Be Acting Like That

In the past week, my nearly 2 year old has… fallen down the stairs and given herself a MASSIVE fat lip, watched the movie ‘Frozen’ countless (?20-ish) times, thrown 2 of the biggest fits of her life IN THE MALL, spit at me, plastered her lips (ie. her mouth all the way up her nose, her cheeks and her chin) with mood lipstick, tattooed her legs with a blue window marker, wasted countless Boogie wipes (those buggers are pricey), chucked a small bottle of essential oil across a room (it was the nearest thing when her anger rose to throwing level), and I think I’ve possibly blocked out some others.

Because this is our 4th child and I’m actually nearing young grandma age instead of young mom age, I have kept my stress level and tears in check. I’ve documented most of it on my handy iPhone and even laughed about some of it. Had this been my first child (which it never would have been, God love her sweet-behaved self) I would have drown myself in tears and never left the house again. Or at least until she was 12.

I was thinking about all this ‘bad behavior’ and in trying to understand it, pondering the WHY behind it. Of course her age makes a difference – a 6 month old can’t throw like that. Ha! She has had a touch of a runny nose all week. And a biggie, her daddy has been out of town for the past 8 days.

There’s something about daddy’s presence that can curb bad behavior in seconds. And it has nothing to do with discipline, per say. Whenever Journey acts a tad unbecoming, there’s words my husband says that melt me and send me into a God encounter every time I hear them. I paraphrase… “That’s not how Ju Ju acts. Ju Ju is daddy’s good girl. You’re not naughty. You’re daddy’s girl.” What an accurate picture of how Daddy God responds to us when we act contrary to what He has made us to be.

Speaking identity to our kids – no matter their age – is crucial (especially from daddy). Using the Danny Silk *voodoo (kidding, kidding… *wisdom) “You’re way too awesome to be acting like this!” is always a good one. As we enter into the challenging 2’s, 3’s and 4’s I pray for grace and wisdom more than I have in a while. But fear of the ‘terrible two’s’ does not hold me. These are the years that we have the privilege to set a foundation of portraying an accurate picture of Daddy God and His unconditional love. His value of heart connection over behavior and compliance. OUR value of heart connection over behavior and compliance. Speaking identity into our girl when she forgets who and whose she is.

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