Mama: Victim or Overcomer

I’m gonna go ahead and put a *warning* sign up now. This post will probably offend some – maybe most. Honestly, if I wasn’t the one writing it but had been a reader, I might be pissed off by it. But I feel it needs said.

Before I go into the ‘meat’ of my post, I have to say, I’m subject to the temptations just like we all are. Embracing the victim mentality. Feeling sorry for ourselves. The martyr syndrome. Riding the pity party train. We deserve everyone’s sympathy because life is so dam…er, dang hard. We’ve all been there. But, it ain’t God, y’all.

What spurred this rant is yet another ‘poor, poor mom… no one knows the troubles you face… supposed to be encouraging…’ post. Don’t get me wrong, we ALL need encouragement. Some days ARE incredibly tough and we need someone to come alongside and tell us we ARE supermom and we CAN get through this day. I’m SO for that. What concerns me is the way the enemy actually can turn this ‘encouragement’ into grounds for a pity party. Selfish runs rampant in our lives, we don’t need any encouragement towards selfishness.

We don’t need permission to wallow in the despair of a teen’s sassy attitude, the trials of potty training, the embarrassment of a toddlers very public temper tantrum, the frustrating hormonal roller coaster of the tween child… We DO need permission to put the enemy in his place (under our feet) when he pulls the ‘you poor victim of the toughest job on earth’ crap.

We need surrounded by those who encourage us to rise up. To grasp onto grace – which is the POWER to do what I couldn’t do myself. We need people to remind us that we are overcomers through Jesus. That He has equipped us for every good work (and parenting is the BEST work). That He gives wisdom LAVISHLY when we don’t know what to do. That we are CALLED to this purpose and He will enable us to do it.

Instead of a bunch of sympathy, we need folks that will cheer us on. Who will cry with us for a minute but then push us towards the Cross where we find everything we need thrive in parenthood. God is for you. He’s blessed you and entrusted you with the children you have. He KNOWS that with Him you can do ANYTHING… even get through a day with littles destroying everything in sight.

I leave you with a quote from a movie I’ve never seen but I’ve heard quoted lots of times…


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