A Reminder to Myself

My toddler has brought on another post. Maybe you need the reminding, the encouraging like I do…

The challenging no’s, the mischievous little eyes while doing something ‘naughty’, the attachment to mommy and wanting no one else, the messes… sweet Jesus, the never-ending messes. Then the snuggles, the curiosity, the new words, the new milestones, the cuteness… sweet Jesus, the never-ending cuteness.  I love this toddler stage but at the same time it’s easy to wish for this stage to pass quickly. If you’re in the midst of this stage, it’s easy to think it will never end when you end every day exhausted and wondering if you’ll ever be able to go to the bathroom alone again.

I remember after my last of the first three went off to kindergarten how weird it was. I remember that I never really imagined an end in sight of that crazy toddler stage. But it happened. My babies grew up and quit nursing, quit sleeping with me, quit needing me every 5 minutes. It’s a happy/sad thing really.

But now, being in the midst of this again – even just with 1 child – I’m having to remind myself. “Enjoy this. It won’t last forever. Life won’t be the same a year from now and you will actually miss it.” That’s me talking to myself… and maybe to you too.

So I sit here in a cozy little coffee shop while my husband has taken a couple hour shift so mommy can regain her sanity. And 2 hours later, manicure down, tanning session down, chat with my spiritual mama down… I’m starting to miss my girl.

photoThe toddler who runs my life. 🙂  She has an obsession with my lipstick bag in my purse.

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