This day. Any day. Every day.

A luscious cup of coffee at the beginning of the day.

A child crying over math.

An unexpected cash gift.

A trip to the library that includes more dvd’s than books.

A bad hair day.

A quick trip to Target… with a stop at the Starbucks counter for a caramel macchiatto.

A frustrating language arts assignment.

A witty word from a teen followed by laughter.

A broken light fixture.

A relaxing 10 minutes in the tanning bed.

A baby who won’t stop crying.

A neverending pile of dishes. And laundry.

The mercy of a warning instead of a ticket.

A late night sitcom marathon.

The wake of the tornado called a toddler.

A timely word of encouragement.


Every day is filled with routine. And the unexpected. It’s filled with laughter. And tears. In the light of eternity, we don’t have many days so make the most of each one. Redeem the bad moments with good. Find wisdom with each passing year.

“Oh! Teach us to live well! Teach us to live wisely and well!” Psalm 90:12 (The Message)







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  1. Blessings to you – my routine is anything but…..however, I am learning to roll instead of cringe, letting go of expectations, and enjoying some much needed down time in my life! I’m not in a desert, but close – God is still on the throne!! Thanks for posting!!

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