Small but Powerful

I was telling my husband something I had shared with another friend of ours; just a simple encouragement but I took the time to share just the same. I’ve come to realize how important it is to share the little things  – the “I’m thinking of you’ texts, the ‘Great job!’ Facebook posts, the ‘You’re beautiful’ spoken words. So often I think those thoughts come and go, never having been voiced. We dismiss the importance of those small but powerful words. But it’s time we {all, but especially} mammas and daddies (naturally and spiritually) get a clue and a voice. Time that these things come naturally for us just because that’s part of what we do.

This exchange got me thinking about other things I do just because of my mamma’s heart. I made a short list that I’ll share. I share, not to toot my own horn, but to encourage you – you’re probably doing the same things, or other things, or more things – and I know how easy it is to “grow weary in well doing”. But don’t do it. Don’t stop. Don’t think your input is insignificant. Don’t think you are not making a difference.

1. I’m a cheerleader. None of my girls are playing organized sports right now but that doesn’t keep me from being a cheerleader, to them and others in our lives. My oldest daughter has a growing following in the online fashion world – I celebrate with her as her following bumped, first by 10’s and then by 100’s, and then by 1000’s. Instagram and Pinterest are where she influences the world around her. I cheer my second-born on as she takes the initiative to set her own goals and keep her days full of guitar-playing, writing, drawing, painting, fitness, and reading. I make a big deal every time my third-born accomplishes a new educational feat. Schoolwork is not her favorite but she presses through and I’m proud of her hard work and I want her to know it.

2. I’m a money-tree. This doesn’t mean I give my kids everything they want but we fund them to do life well. And help them to manage their own money so they will have a future of doing life well. I get incredibly blessed when I see generosity flow from my kids – they learn this (or don’t) from watching me. In our lives, though we try to steward what we have, we also understand that money doesn’t go with us – pouring into others is the best investment we can make. Though I love giving gifts and usually don’t skimp, one of the most convicting moments of my life was when I got called ‘stingy’ by my daughter. I was trying to keep a gift price down and didn’t want to spend an extra $5 on something. And my daughter called me on it. This wasn’t the generous spirit she had seen modeled in the past and she let me know it. We have young people around us on a regular basis and we buy the coffee, we buy dinner. It’s just what we do.

3. I’m the kooky one. I say it this way because, at the moment, I’m making goofy faces at my toddler. This is one I’m intentionally growing in because goofy doesn’t come easy to me. I grew up in a pretty somber, tame home and it stuck with me. But I’ve come to realize how important laughter is. How important an atmosphere of joy and cheer is. And I want to instigate that. My husband is much better at making others laugh and I love that about him.

These are simple things. Really pretty easy things but they do require effort. Sometimes it’s tempting to withhold when it doesn’t seem like the little things matter anyway. But, let me rally you to keep on. Go ahead and say the little words, cheer others on in their accomplishments, give, give, give and give some more, and be a little crazy. Make your teenager laugh. I promise you it’s possible, you just might need to try several tactics. *smile* What you’re doing matters. And the smallest things are probably the most powerful life-changers.

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