The Living Room

Life has been running at full force for the last couple months. My husband has been away 4 of the last 9 weeks. With homeschooling 3 upper elementary through high school grades and chasing an incredibly curious toddler, I usually get to the end of the day and stare aimlessly at my phone screen as I don’t pass another level of Candy Crush. (don’t judge. you do it too.) Don’t get me wrong, I love my life. I love that I get to homeschool my girls. I love that the Lord chose to bless us with our ‘punctuation’ baby (9 years later….). I love that my husband has the opportunities to do what he loves to do. And I sure the heck would rather be running than sitting still.

As we move into the colder months and the holiday season approaches rather quickly, I’m wanting more ‘cozy’ in my life.  (cozy: snugly warm and comfortable;  snug, comfy, homey, sheltered.) It seems contrary to life as it’s been. And as I look forward, to the busyness of the holidays and potential ministry expansion, it seems having more snuggly, warm, homey comfort is a lofty thought. But I also think it’s a necessary mark to aim for. I need it. And my family needs it.

Not that we stop working and being productive but we start being intentional about being more laid back, stopping to enjoy the hot chocolate moments of life. Putting out a few more candles and stopping to light them. Instead of summer swimsuit days, having winter pj days – and not feeling guilty for it. Guilt. That just may be the biggest hinderance to enjoying the cozy of life. Some hear the lie that if you work hard, you’ll lose what’s important in life. Others hear the lie that if you relax, again, you’ll miss what’s important in life. Thus we live in a condemned state, never quite sure how we’re supposed to feel or what exactly we’re supposed to be doing. I love the balance and seasons the Lord has set into motion. The trick is figuring out just exactly where you’re supposed to be. The ebb and flow of work, play and rest. But that’s a rabbit trail for another day. Back to cozy….

This is where the living room comes in. A place where, as it’s aptly named, family life actually happens. When it boils down to it, this is where I’m feeling the need for more cozy, more snuggly, more homey. When my family passes through the living room, I want the pull of ‘stay here’, ‘rest here’, ‘laugh here’, ‘watch the snow fall here’. I’m wanting to create an atmosphere of fall cozy. Fall whimsy. A place that others are drawn into. Because this season will only happen once this year. I won’t get a do-over (though I’ve begged for one in years past).

Funny thing. When I was typing the title to this post, it came out as ‘Loving Room’. That’s the point, right? A place where love lives. If you walk into this room, you’ll feel cozy, you’ll feel loved. Stress will fall off. You will find relief from the hard things of life, at least for a moment. And you can begin to enjoy the moments of the season.

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