The One Thing

There’s an American obsession with having ‘it’ all together. The Church world is even worse in it’s fascination. ‘It’ is life – every aspect, every realm, always flowing smoothly, everything organized, all ducks in a row. I venture to say there is no one who actually has it all together but we spin our wheels to at least have the appearance.

I think the days when we don’t focus on our weaknesses and life generally runs smoothly, we feel good about our lives – like we {say it with me} have it all together. It doesn’t take much to upset our feel-good world and we can feel overwhelmed, out-of-control and like we’re not going to make it through the next day. But, we cover it up with a smile and an “I’m fine” when we see a friend in Wal-Mart.

The enemy of our souls loves to take advantage of this vicious cycle and plays on our vulnerability when things aren’t running smoothly. The Creator is a God of order and wants to keep us from feeling overwhelmed with life and to keep us walking in peace through every circumstance that is thrown our way, every day that has one too many things on the to-do list.

I’ve had a few of those mile-long to-do list days in the past few weeks and that’s when Holy Spirit hit me with the¬†realization that I don’t have it all together (shocker) and that’s OK and then a revelation about ‘the one thing’. All it takes is a moment to refocus and ask myself (and Holy Spirit) the question, ‘what is priority now?’. I don’t have to worry about the whole list, I don’t have to worry about the long-term struggles of life, I don’t have to worry about how incompetent I am in certain realms – it’s amazing how the negative thoughts snowball just because of one busy, can’t-keep-control day.

When I don’t know where to start or I’m stressed that I can’t get it all done, it’s time to find out what is to be done NOW, in the moment of this day, and even in the moment of this season of life. What is priority in this moment? Funny how if I ask the Lord this question, His answer could be completely different than mine. But I’m finding if I just go with Him on it, I have it together a little bit more. *smile*

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