According to dictionary.com, a hero is  “a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities”. I would change that ‘man’ to ‘person’ because heros are all around and could be men or women, old or young. There are many remarkable people on the planet but there’s a few that I have been blessed to have influence my little ‘life bubble’ up to this point.


My husband is at the top of my hero list. This man’s courage in obedience to the Lord, even in the most risky of mandates, is stunning. He has made decisions that surpass the word ‘brave’ – that lesser men would have turned back from, heading towards something more ‘safe’. But heros aren’t made in the safe place.  Brave deeds and noble qualities only show themselves in the dark and shaky battlegrounds of life’s adventure.  And my beloved has proven himself brave and noble enough times to constitute being a hero to me.


Pastor’s wives are another rank of heros to me. Full-time ministry is a life calling that is rewarding yet incredibly weighty. The responsibility and pressures of leadership can bring even the strongest, Jesus-loving man to his breaking point and the women that stand behind these men are the unsung heros of the body of Christ. Their never-ending generosity and strength toward their husband and toward the house they lead deserves a lifetime of applause.


I meet with an amazing group of women on Tuesday mornings each week. We are under the guise of a ‘book discussion group’, reading and discussing “Keep Your Love On” but I think it would be more accurate to call the group “The Round Table of the  Super Heros of the World”. And I’m just the secretary taking notes. For reals. Every week, I’m in awe of how these women are so brave and noble in their different walks of life. Taking on the tasks and challenges each day brings with unshaken courage. Heros in my book.


These are just a few people who I admire for their heroic qualities. I’m grateful for their influence on my life. Grateful for their example of courage and bravery. In my life, heros of the world.


  1. Loved this! I could read your blogs over and over and still feel my heart flutter. Hoping you’ll have a book someday. XOXO

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