Opening the Shades

The first thing I do when I come out into our living area in the morning is open the shades. And every time I open the shades, I remember my gramma opening her curtains in the morning. We didn’t stay overnight at gramma’s often – basically because we lived in the same town as her – but when I or my sisters and I would stay, I remember her pulling open her front picture window curtains first thing in the morning. It evidently had a super profound impact on me because the whole thing just gives me warm fuzzies. Talk about whimsy.


We lived in an apartment that hardly had windows for 3 1/2 years. Needless to say they were no shades or curtains to open. Honestly, it was pretty depressing. Amazing how a little deed such as opening the curtains could have so much impact on my day. But it does. I need that sunlight pouring in. Seriously though – whimsy.


I’m reminded of the verse in Luke 11:34, “LIsten, your eye, your outlook, the way you see is your lamp. If your way of seeing is functioning well, then your whole life will be enlightened. But if your way of seeing is darkened, then your life will be a dark, dark place. {The Voice} Living in the dark, well, it makes your life dark. Everything is bleak. You can’t see clearly. Even things that are right in front of you are shadowy. A simple act of ‘pulling back the shades’ … your WHOLE life will be enlightened. That little bit of light that starts streaming in – it continues to stream in and give you clarity and perspective on life.


Maybe it’s been a few days or even weeks or months since you’ve opened up the curtains of your soul. Today’s the day. Don’t live in the dark anymore. Pull back the shades. It will make you happy. Your life will be enlightened. Totally changed.

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