Reveling revisited

Let me start by saying – I’m not fully there yet. I want to be. It’s my heart. But in all reality, I’m just not there yet.

What I’m thinking about is the word ‘revel’ that came up the other day in The Message version of Philippians 4:4.

Celebrate God all day, every day. I mean, revel in Him!

Revel: (1) To take great pleasure or delight. (2) To make merry; indulge in boisterous festivities. <noun> (3) boisterous merrymaking or festivity. (4) An occasion of merrymaking or noisy festivity with dancing, masking, etc.

As a stay-at-home mamma, my home is my domain. It’s where I rule, it’s my given kingdom to reign and steward well. Because it’s mine, I get to choose the atmosphere that will permeate our home and emanate from our family. Sometimes I forget to honor this call and go through days haphazardly instead of intentionally – those days are not filled with joy and celebration. I promise you that.

But if I can remember, first of all to celebrate and revel in God myself. (I have to get this personally before I’m contagious enough for it to catch on.) And then to create that same atmosphere in my home, through words and actions – look out, it’s a party going on! And parties are so much more enjoyable than crusty meetings or boring classes or dull conferences. I don’t want to be known as a crusty leader or a boring teacher or a dull lecturer with my kids or our friends. Taking myself or life too seriously is death to celebrating and reveling.

I love the idea of festive merrymaking. (I’m not sure about the masking….) I’m grateful for a husband and a daughter whose wit keeps us all on our toes. I love the antics of my 16 month old that keep the family rolling with laughter. I’d rather be known as the family who has too much fun than the family that is a bunch of killjoys. We actually had an episode of this at a restaurant for lunch yesterday. Oh the giggling. Poor, poor waitress and other people in the vicinity. Did I mention the giggling?

I like the idea of turning everything into a celebration. First day of school, first lost tooth, first report card, a rainy afternoon, birthdays are a given, but let’s go with half birthdays too, an open forum talk about sex (this is happening this week. Italian dinner, candles and dessert. Yes I am that mother.), anniversaries of… anything. (I have a sister who is THE BOMB at this stuff. I’ve learned a lot from her.) Of course, celebrating is going to take some intentionality.  You may have to say ‘no’ to some things (*ahem* ME) to bring your family back to the forefront of your priorities. And it doesn’t have to cost a billion, or even a dime – get creative. Or sometimes, we should go extravagant (our Creator modeled this for us over and over again) and spend the extra to get the fancy dessert. It’s only money after all.

So it’s a reveling, celebrating, whimsy kind of life I’m after. Rejoicing, celebrating, reveling always. It’s so important let’s say it again. REJOICE!

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