Where are you?

Read something this morning that rocked. my. world.

God (calling to Adam): Where are you?

(That’s Genesis 3:9 for those that have to have a reference.)

Where are you? God is ready to hang with Adam – a usual routine – but Adam doesn’t show up. God is omnipresent and all-knowing so He knows the answer to every question that He asks. Yet He still asks questions. I think it’s more about our answer sometimes than His question. But this question ‘where are you?’ shows a lot about the Creator’s fathering approach.


The thing that rocked me this morning is that the question is Where are you? not What have you done?. Seriously. With God, it’s a WHERE not a WHAT. That is sooooo not the way it works in our world most of the time. I hear myself talking to my kids when I happen upon a mess, what have you done? Not often is it: Where are you? What’s your heart in this? but What? 


Behavior becomes the primary focus – not the relationship. Actions instead of heart understanding. Ugh. So NOT the way it should be. Maybe people wouldn’t be going off the deep end every day in our world if we all asked where instead of what a little more often.  The media does an amazing job at presenting us with the what – not usually do we know the where.  Man, we can trash a person we don’t even know and get passionate when their what isn’t behavior we approve of.  What if we left all that alone and focused on knowing the where in the relationships closest to us, the God-destined heart connections.


I think the reason God can ask where instead of what is because, with Jesus, the what is really pretty obsolete. Jesus died for the what. His blood absolutely 100% covers the what. If God can get to the where, the what… well it takes care of itself. I want to ditch the what when I know someone cares about the where.


So here’s to the where. The where is so much more fun anyways. The where is you and me together. Walking in the cool of the day. And you and me, walking in the cool of the day, is very, very whimsy.

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  1. My heart goes out to adopted kids who are unable to make “heart connections” because of trauma in their young lives – damage of their emotions, left to try and figure out the world all on their own because the one who was supposed to care about the “where” never did. God help me to care more about the where and less about the what. Thanks Dani

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