Adding sparkle

My husband left on an extended ministry trip a couple days ago. We both love that he can do what he loves but hate that sometimes that requires many days apart. Coincidently, a couple days ago I also read this in my little devotional...

“I {Father God} can brighten up the dullest of gray days; I can add sparkle to the routines of daily life…”

During these long days without my Beloved, taking on the role of single-mother, (which brings up a salute for every single parent out there – you are amazing and I’m praying for ultra grace for you as you navigate parenthood alone!), days can sometimes look pretty gray without my comedian partner around. I have to be extra intentional about finding whimsy. I have to let my Creator add sparkle to my life.

With that, heres’ a few bits of whimsy I’ve found glistening in my days…

~A grown woman riding a bike, complete with iPod speakers for all to hear and a bubble machine in the back. I looked for the toddler seat on the bike… there was none. I. love. it.

~A cool evening in the park with my youngest. As the sun set, the sky was UH-MAZING. A little kiss from above.

~An article posted by a friend on Facebook about breastfeeding funnies. Holy cow, I laughed til I cried yesterday morning.

~Walking down the mall with my 16 month old… she waved at EVERY SINGLE person we passed. And even showed her new bouncy ball to a few of them. (This happened the day before my husband left but it still makes me giggle every time I think about it)

~Watching the new episode of Duck Dynasty on Wednesday night and laughing my head off with all my kids. We love that show, Jack!

~Getting to go to the State Fair concert with a friend and our kiddos. My friend and I rocked out to DC Talk when we were young. Kinda cool to watch my t{w}eens and my baby jamming to the same Toby Mac that I did so many years ago.

All these are little things that could go unnoticed as ‘happy bringers’ but these days I relish every one. I want to enjoy life even though the man of my dreams isn’t here to enjoy it with for a few weeks. Plus sparkle and whimsy make the days go by faster!

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  1. Refreshing as usual Dani – thanks! I often go it alone with the kiddos and there are days it’s hard to see the Hand of God….BUT I KNOW it’s there!!! 🙂 Christi

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