Where are all the mamas and daddies?

“and He will return parents’ hearts to their children and children’s hearts to their parents…”

Malachi 4:6 has been my life song for a really long time now. I don’t remember exactly when God began to do a work on my ‘mama’s heart’ but I do know it’s grown tremendously over the years. I am passionate about relationship with my own girls. I come alive when I get to be a part of seeing my ‘spiritual kids” dreams come true. I am passionate about seeing the coming generation(s) find the greatness the Creator has placed in them and them being able to walk out that greatness to make the world a better place.

Andy Mason (author of Dream Culture) gave a definition of a father that will ever be etched on my heart. “A father is someone who helps the younger generation find their purpose. And funds them to do it well.” I live to throw my whole being into this very mission. And because of that, my heart breaks a little when I see people (especially those who call themselves Christians) dishing out condemnation and despair instead of true, loving correction and hopefulness. To their own kids and to the kids of the world.

There’s a million parenting methods and techniques out there. But really that’s not even what it’s all about. Did you see that part in the verse about the parents’ hearts and the children’s hearts? It’s all about the heart. For reals. My heart. My girls’  hearts. And I’m grieved when I see what comes from the heart of many Christians any time a young public figure ‘messes up’. Of course, the most recent is Miley Cyrus but it’s been Justin Bieber, Lindsay Lohan, Kristen Stewart and many others. Instead of compassion and genuine concern for their souls, hate, cruelty and shame are flung about pointedly.

I see it out in everyday life with parents and their own children as well – maybe not the hate and cruelty so much as the shame. Shame runs rampant in our words daily.  I recently heard a mom tell a store employee that her daughter was ‘such a baby’ about getting her ears pierced. It may sound petty and no big deal but I nearly wept. That little girl needs her mama to be on her side, to be understanding, to calm her fears. Not to belittle her concerns but walk her through them.

There are too many drill sergeants, too many bosses, too many ‘friends’, too many preachers but not enough fathers and mothers. I am praying for a renewed heart in my own life and in the lives of all parents. I am praying that heart connections come alive between the older and younger generations. And for the sake of all the lost and broken kiddos out there, I am praying for a return of the mamas and daddies.

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