Back to School

Tis the season. If you’re a mama, you’re probably smack dab in the middle of this often frenzied season. Back. To. School. In my neck of the woods, most schools – public and private – have already begun, and are several days into the year. If this is the case with your family, you might be starting to recover from the back to school shopping and preparation that precedes that first day of school excitement.


Things look a little different for me and my 3 school-aged girls and for over 2 million other kids in ‘home school families’. Instead of the rush to equip our kids with all the necessities to return to the school room, there’s a rush to equip the SCHOOL ROOM and plan our days, weeks and months. And for my family… call me old-fashioned but we won’t start our school year until after Labor Day.  🙂


Regardless of whether you homeschool your kids or if they are returning to the classroom – be it public or private –  this time of year brings change. In some ways, it may be welcome change. Life gets a little crazy over the summer and, for personalities like me, a more scheduled day looks inviting. But with that more scheduled day, we obviously lose a lot of the impromptu-ness that is summer’s glory.


As we all return to the grind, it’s easy to get into an ‘all work, no play’ mentality. Many kids’ days get filled with 8 or 9 hours in the classroom, after school sports and then hours of homework. Dad and Mom have their own daily schedule as well as jiving with the kids’ taxiing and tutoring requirements. It’s easy for whimsy to get lost in the day.


This is a plea and a challenge to myself and to you – don’t lose the whimsy! Look for fun in everyday. Take time to laugh – at yourself, with your family. (not the other way around!) I love the movie “Rise of the Guardians”. (If you haven’t seen it, don’t read the next sentence) The moment when Jack Frost discovers his center is….. FUN. Be Jack this year, center on bringing fun to your family in the midst of the routine and schedule and work. It’s not just for summer, so keep whimsy in the school year!

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