Finding whimsy

For a couple of years recently, I had a hard time finding whimsy. I hadn’t actually heard the word yet but it was hard to see anything good in life. Hard to look past the mountains of despair to see anything whimsical, fun, joyful, or happy. Our circumstances were rough and the outlook was bleak – someday I’ll write a book on it but that’s for another day.

We’ve all had seasons when whimsy seemed impossible to find for the clouds of darkness hovering. But these are the seasons whimsy is created for. These are the seasons when the Bible verse “the joy of the Lord is your strength” {Nehemiah 8:10} becomes real life. When strength seems illusive, it’s time to find joy. If you find a little whimsy in the midst of darkness, it reminds you that joy can be found even in the hardest of times. And when we catch joy, there is a strength that rises up to look life in the face again.

My first glimpse of whimsy came with the birth of our surprise baby, Journey Joy. (I wanted to name her Journey Grace – my Beloved chose ‘joy’, which is so much more fitting) This girl has now been bringing whimsy to my life daily for nearly 16 months. Having Journey certainly opened my heart to joy a bit but life continued to be pretty dark for several more months. And I am grateful for the retreats of whimsy, even for a few minutes, throughout that time.

Fast-forward to April 2013, seasons changed. Where I had to look for whimsy before, it now showed up unexpected and often. Or maybe, it was just easier to see after the dark clouds lifted (read: some circumstances changed). Or maybe I had more strength because I was beginning to find joy in the Lord. Whatever the reason, whimsy is easier now.

This morning I read this verse, “Of one thing I am certain: my soul has become calm, quiet, and contented in You…” {Psalm 131:2} And it resonated with me. I told myself, “True dat.” When you learn to find whimsy in life, you become more content in your life. Real life stormy circumstances can become a calm and quiet background to the forefront of joy.

So if you’re having a hard time finding the silver lining, finding the whimsy in your life, take heart. It is out there, you just have to look. An amazing promise is made in Proverbs 11:27, “…Those who look for good find favor..”. If you look for it, you will find it. And once you find it once or twice, it gets easier and easier to find whimsy.

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