We, like most parents, put a lot of thought into naming our girls. It had to be a cute name, had to roll off the tongue when said with our last name, not overused, not too old-fashioned but not contemporarily ‘weird’ and for us – NOT from the Bible. Bible names are great but, in our church circles, incredibly overused in our minds. Another huge component in our decision process was name MEANING. I’ve come to understand this more and more over the years, but what you continually call someone – that is what they will become.


My given name is Toni – meaning ‘priceless’. Obviously Proverbs 18:22 is a reality in my husband’s life – ha! (“He who finds a wife finds what is good…”) Our daughters are  Jaci Taylor, Chandler Hope, Robin Danielle and Journey Joy. A creator of beautiful things, a hope-filled light bringer, a famous flighty bird that hates injustice and our little surprise baby who is joy in, not only our journey, but to everyone she comes in contact with. Before we even knew these little people, they were given names that have become what they are.


There’s the negative aspect to names as well – calling names. Mean and negative names. This is probably being addressed by every school in America over these weeks – the bullying, the teasing. Not only does being called a mean name hurt but the more someone hears these negative and hurtful words, something triggers in their subconscience. “I am (that name)“. Whether it be ‘stupid’, ‘jerk’, ‘fag’ – the more these words are spoken over a person, the more they become a part of who they are. For some, even as adults, they will live out what they were unfairly and injustly called and suffer from the pain of the words.


Whether you hate your own name or love it, whether you even know what your name means or if you still have the remnants of pain from being called hurtful names growing up, there’s an incredible promise from the Creator about who you are. “…I have chosen you, named you as My own.” {Isaiah 43:1} If you know Him or not, He knows you. If you have chosen Him to be a part of your life or not, He has chosen you – yes, He picked you out. And He has named you ‘My own’. The more you hear Him say it, the more you’ll believe it. “I am chosen. He picked me. He has called me ‘His own’.” And ‘His own’ is the best name you could ever be called and the best thing you could ever become.

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