Why whimsy?

Whimsy is a word penned by Bob Goff in “Love Does”. It incapsulates all that is right in the world. The things that make you happy. The part of life that is stress-free, relaxing, refueling to our lives. We need whimsy in our lives. I need whimsy in my life.

I like coffee. Coffee is whimsy to me. It makes me happy. Very happy. Having conversation over coffee is even better. Like amped up whimsy.

This blog will, in essence, be me having conversation over coffee. I hope you’ll join in the conversation. Topics will vary but will often include family, relationships, spiritual things and then some really unspiritual things. It may be really random. I may become incredibly passionate over something. But it will always come back to whimsy. Because life is meant to be enjoyed. Enjoyment comes when you find whimsy in life. And for me, I often find whimsy in a cup of coffee. A cup of coffee, with a friend, while having conversation.

Welcome to Whimsy in My Cup.


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